How to remove structured pricing data displayed via Google search results

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Hey guys,
I've spoken to google and also shopify in regards to the issue we're having. All of our stock shows items are in stock in the google search results. Is anyone able to help with some liquid code I can put in our theme code to prevent google accessing/shopify granting access to the stock count section of our website? We get customers calling to buy some products and when we inform them they are out of stock they refer to google saying we do have it in stock. Any help is appreciated,

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We just went through this for a client that only sells wholesale — products are password protected and hidden from the public. There is a way to hide products from Google using a custom metafield (feature recently released by Shopify) but we found that this also hid products from our client's search function in her website.
We ended up adding a <> tag to the product page to hide all products from Search Engines and keep them available on internal searches.
We have requested that Shopify add the ability to hide prices only from Search Engines as a custom metafield. Please call support and request this feature so Shopify is aware that this will benefit several stores not just one.

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@cna_az Could you please contact me with assistance for this same problem we are facing?  Thank you. 

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I have the same problem, Could you please contact me to hire you for this solution as well?thank you

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Hi, is this something you can help me with as well?

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Managed to fix this by removing our inactive 'Google Store' from Shopify. It took a while for all products to be changed as google has to re-index the website - hope this helps someone as I searched for ages looking for answers.