How to report on sales performance of discounted items without discount codes?

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Does anyone have any ideas how one can report on discount product that is discounted NOT with a discount code. 



We run a sale on a couple hundred specific items by marking them with a percentage off (because sales are much lower when we force people to enter a code to get the discount).


After the sale I want to know how it performed, items sold, gross margins and sales dollars attributed to the sale only, ie I want to exclude the sales of all the other items that were sold during this same time period at regular price.


Any Idea how we can do this, is there some sort of "was discounted" filter you can apply when running a report, all I see are filters that pertain to discount codes specifically.


Thanks for  your help


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Hi @ablumenthal , can I ask what did you use for your discount campaign? Is it the available discount function of Shopify, or did you use an app to fulfill the job?

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