How to resolve GoDaddy domain connection error with too many A records?

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kHey team, while connecting the godaddy domain to shopify, the error of too many A domains is appearing. Screenshot of the same is attached for your reference. I tried to remove the A record in Godaddy DNS however godaddy is not give option to change the previous A records. Screenshot shot of the same is also attached. I have waited for 48 hrs also for DNS updates.Need immediate attention to resolve this domain connection issue. Thanks in advance.

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Hey Will

I had a similar issue and had to online chat to godaddy and they fixed it. They change the A to the Shopify IP address. My store still won’t connect though, it’s saying something about the cname now 🙈 

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I've been searching forever to see if anyone else had this issue - I spent over an hour on the phone to go daddy support the other week and they were adamant it was working their end but the domain of mine either keeps saying incorrect A record but I can't update, then too many A records that I can't update.... and then CNAME issue! Sending me over the edgeeeee!!!