How to resolve virus issue on my ecommerce store?

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My shopifiy store seems to have a virus. I'll attach the screenshots to this message. The store is  

When I log into Shopfiy on my desktop, there's no issue. There's also no issue If I browse the store on a desktop. But when I try to go to it on my iPhone I get multiple pop ups. I have 3 apps and one theme I'm running and they all appear to be working find and updated.


2024-02-03 10.09.46.png


2024-02-03 10.09.54.png


2024-02-03 10.11.01.jpg


Perhaps there's a solution to this?

2024-02-03 10.09.46.png2024-02-03 10.09.54.png2024-02-03 10.11.01.jpg

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Hi @biochargeme 


I think it is not your website but your phone. There seem to be a lot of scams like that. Note your phone does not actually

have 19 viruses it is just a scam to make you click on that button and install who knows what. those websites on your screenshots do not look reliable.

So just do not click 🙂


But I searched a bit and several articles give some tips on how to remove those popups here is one but check others and also

do not install straight away some apps they suggest. Check around a bit first.

Kind regards
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Thank you so much for your reply. The weird thing is that I get the error on my phone and 2 other people said they got the same error on their phone when they visited my website. I don't get that error when I go to my store on my desktop.


I guess there's a chance all 3 of us have viruses on our phone or they're compromised in some way. 

I didn't see the link you shared about removing those popups. Can you share it? Thanks so much!

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Hi @biochargeme 


Thank you for the screenshots and link to your store. My team and I were able to confirm that this appears to be connected to your website, and not your device. I noticed when inspecting the store that there is a script set to run for safari users:


This was most likely injected manually by a developer or someone with access to your store, or a third party app. Please connect with our chat support team as soon as possible so that we can review and help track down what caused this. 


 To access our authenticated support, please follow this link: Shopify Help Center. Open the AI chat window and type "Contact Support" to get started. Feel free to share a link to this community post so your agent can review this information also. 


Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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