How To Send Data From Checkout UI Extension to Backend?

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For an app, I need to send some data in the backend from the Checkout UI Extension to store them in the app database. I'm using the Shopify Remix template. How can I send data in backend?

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I  just want to fetch data from my backend  to customer ui extension on profile target  so how can i do that thing.

When I used npm run dev command, I used the tab which created the url accordingly but I am getting 302 status code which is redirecting me to the login page while I have also passed the session token in the header.
Please see the screenshot below of my code


also see the screenshot below of my response


Thank you 


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I've done something very similar to you. Are you sure the address in your fetch call is correct?
How do you digest the token at the request route? I am struggling with this.