How to set and limit quantity of all products to X automatically?

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Hi there. I have requested help from several developers but many are either unable to do it, or charge what I consider high prices for a simple application.

I am basically creating a print-on-demand store with Printful. When adding products from Printful to Shopify, all products and their variants are set to 'Quantity not tracked' - meaning you can sell as many as you want. Here's the catch, I want to set quantity to 1 (or an arbitrary number), whereby I limit the products sold to 1 each, and once sold, all the products are removed automatically.

For example, imagine I am selling a limited edition shirt design to sell max 10 pieces. I want only 10 of such shirts to be sold, regardless of size (S, M, L, XL etc). Therefore, manually setting the quantities is impossible. As such, I am trying to implement a method whereby all products on my store is hardcoded to sell only x times each.


Does anyone have a viable solution to suggest?

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Sounds like you just need to bundle each variation against the inventory shirt product which all are printed from. Our bundling solution recalculates inventory based on a core item so all your shirts sizes would only show what can be made from an original quantity. This does involve bundling each variation so might not be worthwhile if you have thousands of items as you would need to do it in bulk via a csv which would take time to create.



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Hello, did you ever solve your problem. I have the exact same issue, I sell limited edition collections, and don't want to have to manually set the quantity by color or size. So if there is 100 pieces of an item, then as people buy the small size in black or the medium in red, then the quantity in total goes from 100 to 98. Right now it seems it's not possible to do that. If anyone has found a solution that would be great.