How to set Product Category of a Product using Shopify API

How to set Product Category of a Product using Shopify API

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Hi, I have a system that adds and updates products through Python code utilizing the Shopify REST APIs. I am currently trying to modify the code and also add the Product Category to all the products I am adding through this system.


However, from what I have read in the documentation, I am unable to figure out any such parameter for the Product Category for the Product. I am happy to add it through the Product Update code if it is not possible to send this in the Create Product API.


Currently, I am using the REST API, so that is where I am looking for this option. From what I understand, I can utilize GraphQL to update the products and add the Product Category, using this:

But using this API would mean making a whole different call for all my products being added. There are currently 7000+ products that are being added through the Shopify REST API so I would really be looking to use the same option for this. 


For reference, I am talking about the Product Category shown in the image below.




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any luck with this? I have the same issue, and cannot find any docs...