How to set up multiple Google conversion actions based on payment methods?

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Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding google conversion actions. I have defined 3 conversion actions tags for my website, based on the payment methods used in order checkout. Specifically, PayPal, Complete Order and Pay now. From the guides I have managed to find on the shopify forums, i was able to find out how to set up 1 conversion action. But the guides dont specify what to do when i have multiple conversion actions, specifically how to differentiate between payment methods when sending the event. I was able to find, that the order.gateway property should be suficient to differentiate the methods but i wasnt able to find the specific string. Can anyone please offer some advice, or a solution to something similiar to my problem. I am aware that there are existing plugins that should handle these problems, but as of now I am looking for a simple free solution. Thank you

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