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How to setup twitter purchase pixel or can anyone share me the codes for the parameters

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Hello everyone,

Need your help regarding this issue,

I trying to integrate the twitter purchase pixel but I donno how to setup the parameters,

Here's the code for the pixel,

<!-- Twitter conversion tracking event code -->
<script type="text/javascript">
  // Insert Twitter Event ID
  twq('event', 'tw-o74u6-odopm', {
    value: {{ order.total_price }}, // use this to pass the value of the conversion (e.g. 5.00)
    currency: null, // use this to pass the currency of the conversion with an ISO 4217 code (e.g. ‘USD’)
    conversion_id: null // use this to pass a unique ID for the conversion event for deduplication (e.g. order id '1a2b3c')
<!-- End Twitter conversion tracking event code -->

Can anyone share with me the default Shopify liquid code to catch the parameters for example,

 Value: {{ order.total_price }}




Thanks, A lot,

Please help.

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Hey, did you find anything for this?