How to show set % percentage sale price on all variants/collection?

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I have a collection and I am offering 10% OFF all products and variants in this 1 collection but I do NOT want to create an automatic discount or change each variant price manually of -10%.

I would like the price on the collection page price of the product to say From $71.10 and the compare price is $79.00. So customers know the sale price and the original price in one line.


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Hello @onyx_au 


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Okay, so if you just want to show the discounted price dynamically calculated it can be done via hardcoded.


{% if product.tags contains 'ABC' %}
  {% assign discount_value = 10 %}
  {% assign discount_amt = 100 | minus: discount_value %}
  {% assign discounted_total = product.price | times: discount_amt | divided_by: 100 | round: 2 %}
{{ product.price | money }} <del>{{ discounted_total | money  }}</del>
{% endif %}



Let me know if you need help in the setup.



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Hi Onyx_au,


If you don't want to create an automatic discount, and you don't want to change each variant price manually, then you have to use some type of automation, like:

  • A custom script
  • An app (there are many bulk editing apps out there)

A solution that only involves changing Liquid code won't be sufficient if you want the prices that customers pay to also be reduced by 10%.