How to switch PayPal email address for payment settings?

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I de-activated my Paypal payment from Shopify and re-activated with a new Paypal email address via the Shopify payment settings, but it was sent to the old Paypal email that I originally de-activiated. 
Shopify is telling me it is a Paypal issue and have literally spent hours with Paypal with them telling me that I need to 'un-integrate' Paypal and 're-integrate' with the new email.

Now, I am assuming they have weazled their way into the actual coding of the store so a simple 'de-activate' and 're-activate' of the payment option from the payment settings didn't suffice and I now have to figure out how to un-integrate Paypal from the store.
This is incredibly distressing as it has gone to a Paypal account that was hacked (which is why I changed the account) so am now without payment for these orders 😞

Connected Paypal Account.jpgPaypal Account it was sent to.jpg

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