How to tell shoppers there is credit card option

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At the moment I have no option except Paypal express checkout as payment gateway. Paypal allows credit card processing as well. However, it is so hidden that many will not find it and probably give up. I had many abandoned orders. One of the customers replied to my email saying he does not trust paypal. I informed him there is Credit Card option and he said he could not find it. Now my question, I am using Brooklyn theme, how can I add BIG statement next to paypal button, that there is credit card option after you enter shipping address? 

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Hi @kittyrings,

As I understand it, you currently only have the PayPal express checkout enabled on your store.

It is true that PayPal allows payment through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit, or PayPal account balances. However, your customer would first have to link their credit card to their PayPal account in order to use it to pay. When your customer says that they do not trust PayPal, it might be helpful to let them know that PayPal also offers buyer protection, meaning that it is a pretty safe broker for payments!

With all of that said, PayPal is an external payment provider, and sometimes if a visitor is directed off-site to complete their payment on an external site, it could have the effect of discouraging them and leading to abandoned carts. So you might want to add a direct payment provider to your store too!

You could always look at Alternative Payment providers too, accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency, for example.

While it is not possible to create banners on the Shopify checkout itself, you could advise visitors of how Paypal works either by providing information in the product description (on the product page) or by editing the language of the checkout.

As you mentioned that you are getting a lot of abandoned carts and not enough conversions, I am wondering what your customer journey is like through your store. Is there anything along the way that might discourage visitors from completing their purchase?

I'd love to know more about your store, maybe even have a look at it myself, so that I can offer some information and help to improve the customer experience! In the meantime, here is the Conversion Rate Starter Guide for you to look at, as I think it may help.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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A first step you'll want is to make a separate /pages about your payment processes this will help you crystalizing your messaging and gather related resources in creating a page of this information to users in as simple as possible approachable-language and presentation(images/video).


As for adding a message:

In /checkout for payment buttons you cannot edit checkout.liquid unless you are on a shopify PLUS plan.

On all other plans the most you can do is either edit a themes translation strings to insert different wording for labels, or change the logo and image to try and emphasize some business need. For checkout translations see the Checkout&System category https://{{STORE.NAME}}{{THEME.ID}}/language?category=checkout%20%26%20system


In /products , or  /cart , for payment buttons either edit a themes product templates and/or a theme cart templates.

Optionally also editing the themes translations as needed for those templates translation keys.


For abandoned carts  edit and carefully craft that notification template to inform customers about paypal and credit care usage incorporating some of @Andrew's points like buyer protection.


All of the above are individualistic steps with either commonly solved problems available on the forums, or in shopify's help docs left as an exercise for the reader to research.

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