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How to track inventory for one variant only in product settings?

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We are trying to setup a new product where we want to track the inventory of only one of our variant optons. 


For example: 


Our product is a full suspension mountain bike where we are selling just the frame and the rear suspension, no other parts. 


We want to be able to track the inventory of the size, but not of the rear shock option as that will be made to order, but the size qty will be pre-determined. 


We have used a few apps to add the shock as an "add-on" product which seems to work well other than that we would like the product image to change based on which shock they choose and non of the apps were able to do that. 


If anyone knows of an app that will change our product image based on the add-on selection, please let us know! Or if it is possible to only track qty of one variant, that will work also. 


Here is another brand on Shopify doing exactly what we would like to do and we have confirmed with them they are only tracking qty of their sizes:

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