How to use liquid filters within a javascript file

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I recently downloaded a new Wishlist app and I'd like to make some changes to the page that houses the user's Wishlist but I'm not sure because the code used in their javascript is a bit foreign to me.


I'd like to be able to reproduce this code: 

{{ product.description | strip_html }}


but in javascript,  which is currently here.

  renderProductTitle({ product, variant }) {
    if (!this.showProductTitle) {
    return html`
      <div class="wk-product-title">
        <a class="wk-text-link" href=${this.getProductUrl(product, variant)}>
        <div class="wk-prod-desc">${product.description}</div>
        <div class="wk-tags">${product.tags}</div>

 I don't know if I have access to the liquid features from here.  Can anybody help?


Thanks in advance.

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