How to use Outlook to read and reply to Shopify emails

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Hello there

I hope someone can help me with this.

I bought my domain from Shopify and I have set up an email address with this domain name.
I also set up a forwarding address so I can read these emails.

However, when I reply, instead of showing my Shopify domain email address, it shows the forwarding email address. Obviously this is not ideal.
I searched the Help section and there's an article on how to set up email hosting with Zoho Mail or Google Workspace.

As I have a Microsoft 365 Business subscription, I'd like to use Outlook instead for my Shopify domain emails.
I already do this with 3 WordPress sites I have.
Is it possible to do email hosting with Outlook/Microsoft for my Shopify email address, and if so, how?

I found no documentation for this.
Thank you for your help 🙂


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Curious if you got this figured out? 

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After spending an hour of my life (which I'll never get back) with Microsoft Business Support, it turned out that this could not be done (i.e. Microsoft/Outlook could not be configured to send emails with my Shopify domain).


In the end I set it up on Google Workspace, following the tutorial they have in Shopify Help and it's been working fine since. There is a monthly subscription for this service.