How to use the free trial in the development store

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I'm developing a public app.

I would like to make the app available for free trial in the development store.

My app uses the Subscription API and runs as follows

  1. select a plan after installing the app and then start using it (execute appSubscriptionCreate)
  2. the trialDays argument of appSubscriptionCreate specifies the number of days of the free trial
  3. 7-day free trial is available only if the appSubscription history is referenced and the free trial has not been used recently (because I want to limit the use of the free trial to one time)

What I want to achieve is to eliminate the need to select a plan in 1, and let the user start using the free trial as soon as it is installed.

However, in order to satisfy 3, Users needed to activate the subscription first.

In this regard, I have seen other apps that can be used without plan selection after installation.

Also, users don't want to keep track of the number of free trial days in the app's DB if possible.

Is there any good way to eliminate step 1 and achieve step 3?