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In one of the websites that I am trying to register, there is a need to verify my e-commerce store by creating an html file and a url from that html file.


Specifically I need to create a


html file with the name: 0758b6f4b1401c06f3127f91f6877665

the file needs to contain this content: 8973fb6d45e2429be9aef8c3d7de4:

the file needs to be put on my e-commerce store with the url:


I have tried to make this myself, but couldn't figure it out.


Can someone please help?

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This is generally not how it is done.

The thing needing verification should offer a way to do it using an html tag , often a <meta> tag in the <head> , that's inserted into the theme.liquid layout file.


To actually build/serve that file at that url you will need have to jump through some hoops setup a page with that content then assign it an alternative template with no layout service that content or the code itself in the file for the alternate template.

And url structure is prescribed on shopify's online sales channel so you likely need to redirect the url to that /pages/123456 url as you cannot have top level urls ; with the chance that this service will not respect redirects.


That of course reads like gibberish if you've never done any of the above before or don't have theme development experience. So you'll need to research and step through each part.



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