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Html tags inserted in descrption

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Hi, I have html tags regularly inserted automatically in my description in the middle of words. I don't know from where it's  coming from.

For instance this description : <p>A 4mm width ring with its amazing guilloché pattern. In platinum 600. Approximative weight 4g in size 52. Reference WID103</p>

became suddenly : 

<p>A 4mm width ring with its amazing&nbsp;guilloché&nbsp;pattern. In&nbsp;platinum 600. Approximative weight 4g in size 52. Reference WID103</p>
The text in english still shows up correctly in the product page, the issue is that I use a translation app (Weglot) and this app considers that the description has changed each time these tags are inserted, and it translates automatically again, and it does change the translation that I manually input because translation are not always meaningful...
Any idea where these tags are coming from and if how I can avoid them ??


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Hi @svig !

Remove the "é" from "guilloché" and that should solve it. Those tags are markups for special characters.

Let us know if this works for you!

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Hi, thanks, will try, but when the product was created with the é months ago, nothing happened until now, why suddenly this is a problem with the é, since yesterday, and not before ??