I am trying to put items in my store.And I don't know how

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When I came on here, I thought you guys were going to show me how to create my store and put items in my store and get everything set up. I don't know anything about making a store so I need some real helpier in getting a drop ship store app and running but I have not had any help.  And getting that function working. I've got a name from my store. I've actually went to another one of your drop shipping places. And I put a 30 day or you know, 14 day test for them but I can't get their products to my store. I can't do any of the things that I need to do to activate my store and I'm getting very frustrated and if I don't get help I'm going to.  Stop using Shopify and that other site before I get charged for it.

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I understand that you're feeling frustrated with setting up your store and integrating drop shipping. It seems like you're encountering difficulties with getting assistance and making the necessary configurations. It's important to receive proper support to activate your store and integrate products effectively. I suggest reaching out to customer support for both Shopify and the other drop shipping platform for guidance. This will help address your concerns and prevent any unwanted charges.


Or if you looking for a company that can do it for you. Let's contact us we will share the estimates and do this work for you. 


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