I have 2 different shopify domain names. How can I remove the one with the numbers in it?

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I recently made my shopify online store & integrated it to my website. When buyers want to buy some of my digital products the link goes to https://4850e9-2.myshopify.com/checkouts/co/917c35d291bd88b31ff7c73bb9435efe


I also have another online store name which I would like my customers to see when they buy a digital product. The 2nd online store domain name is: thesoundsfactory.myshopify.com


So I want my customers to go to thesoundsfactory.myshopify.com & not to https://4850e9-2.myshopify.com/checkouts/co/917c35d291bd88b31ff7c73bb9435efe


But everytime I put thesoundsfactory.myshopify.com domain name as the primary domain it doesn't change? 


It always chooses 4850e9-2.myshopify.com


Can you help me please? How do I remove the 4850e9-2 store name?


Thanks in advance! 


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it is the checkout url name only that I want to change to thesoundsfactory.myshopify.com/checkout/... but now it always stays 4850e9.2.myshopify.com


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thanks to your community help page I found the solution for my problem here:


I have some good news for you all. Like you, I wanted to be able to design my own website while using Shopify checkout and was baffled that Shopify provided no way to point a domain to buy-button checkout. I spent hours chatting with Support about this, and heard many times that it's simply "not a feature." There's actually an extremely simple solution that's either not known to support or they've chosen not to share.

If you go into your buy button's embed code, you'll find a script like the following: 

function ShopifyBuyInit() {
var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({
domain: 'insert-custom-domain.com',
storefrontAccessToken: '12345..........',

Yes – you can control the domain that surfaces during buy-button checkout by simply switching out the "domain" variable's value ('insert-custom-domain' here for clarity) to your custom domain. I thought this was too simple to work, but confirmed this via a comment from Shopify in a tangentially related thread and it works for me. 

FYI I'm using a subdomain that I've connected to my online-store channel in Shopify. I don't think this solution would work without that connection.