I have a problem with enhanced Ecommerce

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Hello community.

I have a problem implementing Analitycs in my store. I have no problem implementing the account. By doing this, I can see in the Chrome extension (tag assitant) that the tag appears. Even in the analytics report "In real time" a visit appears, the one that I am doing at the moment. But when I check the "use enhanced ecommerce" box, the tag disappears and stops working. There is no implementation trace and it does not detect any visits.

I've tried many ways, clearing the browser cache, created another Analytics account from scratch, talked to Shopify's technical department, and couldn't fix anything.

I write here as a last try.
Has something the same or similar happened to someone?
Does anyone know how to fix it or have any near idea for a solution?

I'm open to try things, and thank you.

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I have the same problem.Did you find any solution?

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No way, 😞