I'm having an issue where … appears instead of [...]

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Would be great to figure out how to override this error. You can see it when clicking through the pagination at the bottom of the site (calcio90.com)


TBH I'd love to find a way to remove the pagination altogether and have an automatic load, but removing this … error would be a great first step!


Much appreciated!

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Just checked your store calcio90.com @jjdelv but without further investigation and code review unfortunately  I wouldn't be able to help you

Stefan Momcilovic
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In the html source itself the … is getting converted to "…" so it's getting yet another html sequence escape when it doesn't need it.


Always backup themes before making any customizations.

Search the collection template for the pagination, or pagination snippet.

Your looking for "…" or it's translation key equivalent, e.g; {{ 'general.pagination.ellipse' | t | escape }}.

It's likely either a custom string was added to the translation key itself so the ampersand gets escaped, or is an additional escape filter and it may either need to be removed or replaced with escape_once





You could also try getting a new install of the same theme version and checking if the behavior is a bug in the theme itself , if so contact the theme devs.


But if you cannot find any of the above you probably need to hire someone to dig for the problem and fix it.

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Hi Paul! Thanks for this. In Pagination.liquid I see this - not sure if it helps clarify things!


<ul class="pagination">

	<li class="arrow {% unless paginate.previous %} disabled {% endunless %}"><a class="prev" href="{{ paginate.previous.url }}" title="{{ paginate.previous.title }}">
		<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.accessibility_labels.previous' | t }}</span>
		<span aria-hidden="true">{%- render 'theme-symbols', icon: 'arrow-long' -%}</span>

	{% for part in paginate.parts %}
		{% if part.is_link %}
			<li><a href="{{ part.url }}" title="">{{ part.title | escape }}</a></li>
		{% else %}
			{% if part.title == paginate.current_page %}
				<li class="active"><span>{{ part.title | escape }}</span></li>
			{% else %}
				<li><span>{{ part.title | escape }}</span></li>
			{% endif %}
		{% endif %}
	{% endfor %}

	<li class="total-part-container">
		<span>{{ paginate.current_page }} / {{ paginate.pages }}</span>

	<li class="arrow {% unless paginate.next %} disabled {% endunless %}"><a class="next" href="{{ paginate.next.url }}" title="{{ paginate.next.title }}">
		<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.accessibility_labels.next' | t }}</span>
		<span aria-hidden="true">{%- render 'theme-symbols', icon: 'arrow-long' -%}</span>