I'm no coder.... please verify if you would?

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We accidentally input information into our default product template, so every single item had the same "ingredients," How to use," and "key ingredients" information. (This is the BeYours theme by Roartheme we are using). I went in and removed the verbiage out of the product.json in the theme.liquid, but I'm unsure if I removed all the coding I should have. I removed all the info concerning the ingredients and usage but left a little in there as I didn't know if I could leave it empty (the lines where the asterisks are). It looks right on our website, but I don't want it to be incorrect if I did it wrong and interfere with something else later on. Would someone please take a peek at what I did and let me know if I did this correctly?


And in order to do this correctly for each of our products going forward, I'm thinking I need to create a Default Product Template with specific info that coordinates with specific products going forward? In the demo for BeYours, they have their products in there with different info for each. I'm just looking for the correct way to do this! Thank you in advance for any help!


Key Ingredients through ingredients Code.png

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