I need to download all the media from my shopify website. How can i do that?

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I know how to download all the pictures link by link, but i need to bulk download all the pictures i loaded on the website in one move. For backup purpose. Is that possible?

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@francesco4 let me go full SuperSayan on this:

  • Go to Settings -> Files
  • Adjust the URL to /admin/settings/files?limit=250 (this will show 250 files per page instead of 50)
  • Open up your browser console
  • Paste in the following scripts in there, this will offer you a file with all the names of the files on that specific page


function downloadFileList() { var assets = $("#assets-table input[type=text]") assets.each(function (index, input) { var filename = input.value.split('?')[0]; files.push(filename); }); downloadFile(); } function downloadFile() { var downloader = $("<a id='download-generated-file' href='' download='files-list.txt'></a>") var data = 'data&colon;application/octet-stream;base64,' + window.btoa(files.join("\n")); $('body').append(downloader) $('#download-generated-file').attr('href', data); $('#download-generated-file')[0].click(); } var files = [];downloadFileList();​


  • Do this manually for each page with files and combine them all in one big file with all the filenames you want to download

Let's say the filename is now files-list.txt. Copy this to a specific folder on your computer. Now we want to get every file in this file automatically.

  • Open up your terminal
  • Navigate to that specific folder you just created
  • Execute this command: wget -i files-list.txt (requires wget)

You now have a folder with all the files and images from this Shopify websites files folder.


Enjoy mate!
Aivis Zvezdovs / ANTI 404

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Šodien mēģinu izpildīt Jūsu augstākminēto darbību, lai tiktu pie visiem SHOPIFY failiem, diemžēl man neizdodas, iekopējot scriptu parādās sekojošs teikums:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Vai varat kā palīdzēt?


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Hey @francesco4 @Zvezdovs and @DainaRozenberga 

Renars here from Matrixify app.

In the Matrixify app, we have now developed the ability to export Shopify File details such as public links.

You can use the app exported links to bulk download files using the terminal/command prompt. Here we even have a great tutorial on how to do just that - Download all files from Shopify Files to your computer.

If you have any questions or issues along the way, you can always reach out to our support directly.

Sveiki @DainaRozenberga , 

Renārs šeit no Matrixify app.

Matrixify aplikācijā ir pieejama iespēja eksportēt Shopify Files informāciju un datus, piemēram, publikās saites.

Šo aplikācijas funkcionalitāti lai eksportētās saites var izmantot lai lejupielādētu failus izmantojot datora terminal/command prompt.
Šeit var atrast mūsu pamācības lapu kā to izdarīt - Download all files from Shopify Files to your computer.

Ja jums ir kādas neskaidrības vai problēmas ejot caurti šim procesam, varat sazināties ar mūsu palīdzības komandu.

Matrixify | Bulk Import Export Update | https://apps.shopify.com/excel-export-import | https://matrixify.app
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Tried your script.  Produces the following error in Firefox console.

Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected token: identifier

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@Zvezdovs Tried the script.  thank you.

Produces the following error in Firefox console.

Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected token: identifier


Looking up this error, found that this could be a missing ;

Your thoughts?

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Dob’t use code, Try Filetastic. It lets you browse all files from your store nicely grouped into folders, and you can bulk download them too

Maciej Tokarczyk

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We created a free Shopify app that allows you to download all your files in one click, compressed to a zip archive.

It's called Filey, check it out. 

Feel free to reach me out with feedback, or functionality requests.
Leaving a review is much appreciated.

All the best.
Alex, Team Lead at Infinite Solutions Shopify Studio
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Here's an updated link for Filey

All the best.
Alex, Team Lead at Infinite Solutions Shopify Studio
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So easy! Thanks Mashkovtsev.

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Amazing plugin, makes dev work so easy 🙂

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Hi there,

I tried your app and it worked great however it didn't download the header images I have in my shop.  Any idea why or how I can do it? thank you