I received an email for charge back notice for a test order in test mode

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I have put a test order in test mode to try for a charge back (dispute ) transaction. The charge back credit card number was provided by Shopify (I got it from 1 of the videos in Shopify YouTube channel) . I canceled the test order right after I placed it. However, 2 weeks later, I received an email from Shopify telling me that the chargeback of the test order will be sent to the customer's bank for negotiation. It was a test and canceled order. What do I need to do now?




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Hi @IvyBee ,


Does your store have automatic payment processing enabled?

By default it's on I believe.


This means that even if you've canceled the fraudulentorder in what you and I consider a reasonable period of time - by the payment processor standards is too late.

Good thing you've discovered this during a test charge.


My recommendation is to disable that feature. Instead use manual payment capture. That way if the order is flagged as fraudulent by Shopify, you can cancel the order.

I wrote an article about this on our blog, and Shopify has an article as well. You'll still be able to charge the customer's card for the order, but it gives you a long window to verify the authenticity of the order.

Automatically capturing payment means that you don't have a chance to cancel the order before your payment processor captures the payment from the card used in the order.

I hope this makes sense!


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