I want to display my physical store stock level on product page

I want to display my physical store stock level on product page

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Hello. Our company is running both offline store and online store, customers could feel free to choose whether they want to buy it through online or visit our physical store. Therefore, we wish to display our physical store stock level on our product page.


For example: Product A is out of stock online** (no stock in our warehouse) so you could not checkout. But you could see on the product page that there are stock in our physical store. Customers could choose to visit our store to get Product A.

**Online orders are not able to fulfil from physical stores or pick up from stores.


We are using Shopify POS for our physical store, so the inventory level for our physical store is recorded in our Shopify panel. We are using "Enterprise" Theme from Clean Canvas Ltd, but they said it is not a issue related to the theme but related to Shopify. 


What should I do for this situation? Thanks for the help!

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Hi @truth07 ,


First, this is doable but requires custom coding + a custom app to manage the inventory of your physical store. We can discuss the logic and implementation is required.

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