I want to redirect non-logged-in users to the registration page when they attempt to make a purchase

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Achieve the desired outcome.

When users attempt to purchase a product, I believe non-logged-in users are directed to the login page. I want to change this so that non-logged-in users are redirected to the registration page instead.





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  1. In the code editor, navigate to the "Sections" directory and locate the "password-protected.liquid" file.

  2. Open the "password-protected.liquid" file and search for the following line of code:


<form method="post" action="{{ form_action }}">


Replace that line with the following code:


{% if customer %}
  <form method="post" action="{{ form_action }}">
{% else %}
  {% assign register_url = '/account/register' %}
  <form method="post" action="{{ register_url }}">
{% endif %}


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We have the same issue but are using the Dawn template. Where in that theme would we insert the code snippet? Thank you for your help!