Image transformedSrc deprecated, how to replace?

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Hello! Our public app fetches the webp version of product images via GraphQL transformedSrc, However, couple of weeks ago we noticed that a lot of images returned from the produced url are still in their original format, based on their content-type, eg: images/jpg

When i investigate the docs I found out the transformedSrc is being deprecated, as per this page:

"The location of the transformed image as a URL.

All transformation arguments are considered "best-effort". If they can be applied to an image, they will be. Otherwise any transformations which an image type does not support will be ignored. Use url(transform:) instead"

Is this the reason for the transformation not working?
When i tried to use url, I got error message that Image does not implement url field.
Can any of you help me solve this? How to avoid the deprecation?

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Is this the reason for our failure?

Link for

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I've noticed this deprecation warning too in multiple places, e.g.:

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 20.21.43.png

(This is from the GraphiQL in-app docs when using the Admin API version 2021-10.)

It says use `url` instead, but url is not a field on Image. Can't find anything on an url field in the docs on either.

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