Implementing PeopleFluent products into our store

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I am setting up a Shopify store to sell our learning management system products that exist on PeopleFluent. PeopleFluent is an integrated talent management and learning solutions platform, where we have a few training courses and certificates for our customers to access and use. 

Each course on PeopleFluent has its own unique session ID and Learning ID.

Essentially what we are trying to do is, sell the licenses to those courses on Shopify.


The workflow we have setup is as follows:
All of our courses (products) for sale on our shopify store have the session ID and Learning ID set in the tags.
When a customer purchases a product, it kicks off a workflow to send the product tags up to the order and set them as order tags. From here we have a webhook on shopify that grabs the tags from the order once payment is complete, and then calls the PeopleFluent api's to enroll the user (based on their email provided in the shopify order). So it just does a few api calls to create the user if they dont exist, and enroll them in the courses.

This part is more or less working. 

Eventually we need to modify this workflow to be able to handle a single user buying multiple products for other people as well. Not sure how this will be possible as our store only collects information from the user purchasing the products. 


Edit: Another caveat is that multiple products may have the same sessionID, so how can we distinguish which sessionID belongs to which product when passing up those ID's to the order.
Example: prod1 has session id of "Session1", prod2 has session id of "Session2", prod3 has session id of "Session2". When passing this up to order tags, the tags that will be added are Session1 and Session2, how can we set something up so that we know which session correlates to which product? 


Is there an easier way to do this than the way we have currently set it up? If not, how can we improve the existing solution to work with the modification mentioned above? 

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Edit2: We are pulling the tags from the products now, not the order tags. We removed the existing workflow to push product tags to order tags.