Improving Store Performance on Mobile

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Hello everyone,


We have created a website to sell gold and diamond piercings :


The shopify reports tell me I have issues with mobile performance. PageSpeed Insights gives me ratings of 47 and 53 for the home page and a product page respectively. 


Does anyone know how to improve these scores? I know that Google scans the site using Google Bot for Smartphones, so I want to make sure my website has the appropriate performance on mobile.


Thanks in advance.

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Hello @MADAJ 


Welcome to the community.


Check the errors in the pagespeed insights which can be resolved.

Further try to use as much as low number of third party apps. As they affect the site speed too.

Use optimize size images in your site as much as possible.

Remove unused apps from the store.


Also if possible show to a developer to check and increase the site speed by resolving the error.


Let me know if you need any help.



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