In need of some help for customer accounts.

In need of some help for customer accounts.

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Please take a look at the picture I attached. 

I installed an app called Customer Fields by Helium. It turns out, the app was not needed for account approval (which was why I installed it in the first place), so I removed it from my store. All of the accounts which customers created whilst the app was installed now say "Customer account invite sent", instead of "customer has classic account".

Shopify support suggested to fix this problem that I delete the customers and re-enter them manually, but I'm not quite sure what happens when I do that. Do these customers need to activate their account again? When I create a customer account it doesn't even say "Customer has classic account". It says nothing.

Please help I lost sales over this. Can customer have both new and classic accounts?


Why when I create a new account for a customer does it say nothing? Do they get emailed when I make a new account?

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Hey @usdentalinc! Brett here from the Helium Customer Fields support team. I stumbled across this post and wanted to try to help address this for you.


It is definitely possible for customers to have both classic and new accounts. If you are using classic accounts, the customer would specifically need to activate their account through the emailed link in order to log in, or they can submit your registration form again to receive a new emailed activation link.


However if you are using Shopify's new customer accounts, this status should have no impact (new accounts don't have statuses like this at all which is why nothing shows up), and the customer should be able to log in normally just by entering their email address and the emailed one-time passcode.

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