Incorrect Error Message Being Applied: When Minimum Order Not Met, Checkout Showing Address Error

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We have very basic logic. When you purchase from us, there is a $150 minimum order for everything shipped.


At present, when you get to the checkout screen with less than $150 in your cart, our instance of Shopify shows the wrong error message, telling you that "Shipping not available for selected address."


Naturally, our clients waste time trying to put in a "correct address" when in reality, their address is correct/valid.


Of course, we're losing lots of business and getting distracted from our actual work doing tech support.


Shopify chat support can't seem to understand that showing the wrong error message is a bug.


Does anyone know how to get the "minimum order not met" error message to show under this condition?


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Having the exact same problem. Any chance you found a solution?

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Hello everyone,


Same problem here.

I chose a temporarily solution to change error message for "Checkout shipping errors shipping method not available generic" and inform customers about minimum order price rates.