Incrementally Migrating a liquid theme to Nextjs/ React

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Hi everyone!

I've started looking at modernising my store. I'm quite an experienced developer so would like to use NextJs/ React etc as thats where my skillset is.

From experience, having migrating old html UI's in the past, i've found it tends to be a lot smoother migrating either single Pages or single components, one at a time.

My current theme is using the standard shopify Liquid setup.

Does anyone have advice for the best way to migrate a page at a time over to a Nextjs setup hosted on AWS?

For stuff like listings pages I'd like to use a custom server for server side rendering. 

I was thinking I might have to do something like domain forward to route53 and use that to direct traffic?

Just wondering if anyone has done this before/ has a really clean & easy solution to save me time!

Thanks y'all and have a wonderful day!


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