Installed app listing doesn't open in new window

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Hi there

I'm creating a new public app, that's currently in Draft

I can install and use it fine in my local and dev environments, but when I view the app list in my development store and click on the link, it doesn't open in a new window (as other public apps seem to), but rather takes me to another page within Shopify and then tries to call my install url in an iframe

I can't see anything i've obviously missed in the settings, so is this a quirk of it being in Draft, or have I completely missed something?


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I had same problem,Could anyone can tell us how to handle this?

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I have the same problem.
Is there a solution to this in the meantime?

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  1. Open your Shopify Partner account.

  2. Go to your created app

  3. Open App Setup.

  4. Scroll to Embedded app.

  5. It will redirect to a new frame. Turn off the embedded feature and add navigation URL there.