Integrate Billing api in Rails for Embedded app

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Hello there 

Currently i am developing a public app 

I submitted app for shopify reviews 

somehow app was rejected by Shopify, there are many points of app rejection, we mostly covered all the points

But only one point is remaining 


Use the Billing API to process all charges associated with your app.


we are planing to used monthly subscription plan for app.


My question is how can i integrate this billing api into rails projects 

Curerent env 

Rails: 6.1.3

Ruby: 2.6.8

Shopify_api_gem: 9.5

embedded_app: true 


I study some of the documents but not find suitable workflow in it.


can anyone suggests me what i need to do.

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi Gaurav! Were you able to resolve this (I hope, since this is 2 years later). 

We are having the same issue and also on Rails. Please let me know if you found a developer or support you would recommend. 

Any insights welcome. 


Many thanks!