Integrate Shopify inventory with 3rd party (non shopify) website

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Okay, question from a non-technical co-founder ... 


I have a non-shopify ecommerce website, and have partnered with a retailer that uses shopify to manage their inventory. Essential, we've teamed up with this retailer to help help sell their inventory using our platform. 


What we need to do is automatically import their inventory to our platform, and conversely remove the inventory from our system when it is removed from their shopify. Our website / platform has been built using Mongo DB. 


Our CTO was thinking we'd use "JS Buy SDK." We've received a "storefront access token" from our partner, but what we're finding is the information / data they have in their Shopify isn't a perfect fit for the schema we've developed. 


If anyone has any suggestions on things we might be able to try or avenues of research, any feedback is greatly appreciated. 




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