Integration issues with Shopify and Quickbooks

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 trying to integrate Shopify with Quickbooks Online

I'm logged into both Quickbooks Online and my Shopify store

I've gone through the "Connect your QuickBooks Online account to get started" panel

I then move to the next panel but get the error

"Uh oh, there’s a connection problem.

Sorry, but the app didn’t connect. Please try again later, or contact customer support for help."

I spoke with the Quickbooks Help Centre and am told to speak with Shopify Help ... can't find a help centre number ....

SO I'm stuck and growing more frustrated by the minute .... can anyone offer a few suggestions?


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I have the same issue, about to cancel Quickbooks because of the lack of service...totally frustrated. I have asked for Shopify expert and speaking to one at 2pm....will let you know.