internet listing not correct

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I finally went live with my site yesterday !  But when I search for it through google and find it, the listing doesn't have my logo, or a description next to it? The default logo of the little blue planet is where my logo should be, and instead of my site name it says "Untitled"  I've filled out all the fields on the back end that ask for logo and site description, but still nothing on google. 

instead it only says ..... 



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Also, I noticed the listing is http and not https. Does that matter? I did find a shopify video that talks about site maps and explains how to copy and paste code form google into your template, but it seemed pretty complicated. I'm worried I'm gonna mess something up if I start messing with code. I've heard that it might take google a little while to list your site properly, but to me, it seems like some sort of setting that I'm missing.


Any suggestions????


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