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I'd like to import 1000 simple products from my Excel spreadsheet up to my new website. I figure I can import the pictures later and just match them up.

So far, I manually uploaded 2 products to Shopify and then exported a nice CSV template.

Then I opened the CSV file on my desktop, copy and pasted a few items that basically say the exact same info but I can't seem to get Shopify to accept the import.

I keep getting errors like this ------Line 10-11: Validation failed: Invalid URL provided.

I also tried leaving any cells that can't be dulplicate info blank and it still didn't work....Any ideas?

CSV attached with top two items working fine....bottom 4 won't upload.

Thanks Cindy

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If you have exported as plain CSV, I'd be cautious when making manual edits - the CSV is extremely fidgety about everything right down to what specific quote characters you use etc. Try and export for Excel et al and see how that pans out - haven't had too many issues the few times I used it.


If you already have used the export for Excel and the import isn't working now after your edits - it really is a matter of experimentation then. I'd export 1 specific item. Then I would copy that and make the bare minimum of changes and do each change incrementally until you hit a problem. Then figure out how to work around the problem.


Sorry I can't be of more specific help!

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Hi Cindy,


Did you figure out a solution?  I am having the same issue




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hola lo pudiste solucionar? estoy haciendo pruebas ya que me interesa adquirir un plan para mi empresa, lamentablemente me da ese error y de ahi no paso

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I'm Facing same Problem. If u found a solution then please need your help

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Hi Im facing the same problem. Please can someone help me! 

I´ve done 1 product at a time and no solution, the url opens the image but still it shows url invalid.

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Did you manage to see what was the error? I´m facing the same thing. 

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This can happen when you have wrong symbols in imported csv.

Best first check csv with any validator that is online, just type in google "validate csv"


In my case was missing images (wrong url to cached version) and symbols like this formated from office " ' "



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The CSV validation technique is good one to help you see what the issue might be and how to fix it.  My problem (and subsequent fix) involves importing Customers, but it might help with items as well.

When I was trying to import bulk changes to our customers' tags, I received the "Customer tags is invalid" error. I validated the CSV file and was told there were inconsistent line breaks in my file, however, the syntax and format was the same in all cells of that row and yet some changes were accepted and others were not. I deleted the problem Tags cells on a few lines and uploaded the file with 100% success. Then I filled those cells back in (clicked Undo in Excel), re-saved the file, and reuploaded the file.  Guess what? IT WORKED!  I don't know how or why, but it worked.

tl;dr Try importing customers or products without anything in the column that's causing an issue, then add what you would like back into that column and re-import the file.