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I’m selling dog beds that can be bought with or without the pillow insert. I have 5 different pillow cover colours which will all have their own product page. 
How do I set it up so that each product page has the option to buy either the pillow cover only or the pillow cover + insert so that I can still properly keep track of my inventory? I don't want to download an app to do this. Is there any way to do this directly within Shopify?
I hope that makes sense. Happy to clarify further if needed. 
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Hi, @PomandChi!

At this stage the easiest way to add this functionality is if a third-party app is installed on your store. An app such as the Connected Inventory app here is one that can help synchronise any inventory changes to variants or products that are within a connected group. Just a note however that apps such as this one are made by third-party developers outside of Shopify. So if you have any questions about them I would recommend getting in touch with the app developers, as they are best equipped to answer app-specific queries.

I definitely see how being able to sync inventories across bundled products or variants is a useful option to have within our admin, so I will send this as a feature request to our developers. As we are constantly looking to improve our platform, perhaps this is something we can incorporate in the future. Please note that although I will be submitting this request, we are unable to track it as this is an internal process that our developer team oversees. However there is currently a public facing changelog here that you can check for new features that has been added to Shopify.

Was there a specific reason that you're not wanting to integrate a third-party app onto your store? Third-party apps are often the solution for stores looking to add a specific functionality that isn't yet available natively within the Shopify admin. We have a guide here on third-party apps if you'd like to learn more about it. Alternatively however, if you still would like a solution without a third-party app involved, you can look into hiring one of our Shopify Experts to help you code a tailored solution onto your store's theme. 

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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You would set up your variations to be similar to this:


Option 1: Pillow only

Option 2: Pillow and insert


The problem here is Shopify doesn't have a native kit/bundle option for products so you would need to use an app to automate the process of calculating your inventory correctly.


I know you don't want to use one but I will explain how our bundleup app works:

  • If the buyer purchases the option with insert the checkout shows the one product but we then unbundle the order to individual components so can be fulfilled as per normal. This also adjusts your inventory correctly. 
  • The second part is if you have the same SKU on multiple options then you want them to update if one sells. We have a separate function which recalculates the available inventory of the bundled items based on what component stock is available.

The other option you have is to customise your theme to create custom product pages whereby the user can select separate products to add to a bundle. There are apps available for this method but I believe you could also modify your theme to make this work without an app.





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