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We are selling one ring but with many sizes options (we size the ring after sale). so the problem is we need the product to be "sold out" removed ones sold.

after a ring size is sold... no matter the size all the other sizes must not show any more.

we need these variants since the larger sizes rings cost more since there is more metal to make the ring. We do not want sold out tags... we want the product to not show once sold.. so if one size sold ... will sell out the ring even if other size are still there.

how do we do this? please help.


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You either need an app or automation service to pool the variant inventory to a single product stock on the backend.




 If all variants PRICE  and skus are all the same get rid of the variants and use Line Item Properties.


If you have to have different pricing for larger sized rings you could automatically add a separate "large size" product to the cart , like a fee, to keep using Line Item Properties with the entire product.


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You can do this with Trunk ( )


I see you're already using the same SKUs for your ring variants which is great. Trunk syncs inventory by SKU and if one SKU is sold out, it will also sync all your other variants with the same SKU as out of stock in real-time. So it should already work with your current setup!


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