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Invoices printing without photos... But only sometimes.

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  I am having trouble printing invoices, its not a new problem, it comes and goes, but has finally become so annoying I need to find a solution.  We use OrderlyPrinter, but also have Order Printer set up.  When printing using OrderlyPrinter, some of the invoices will print without the photos.  Just a blank spot.  Out of 100 invoices, maybe 5-10 come through without photos.  Seemingly random, items that have printed WITH photos in the past, and will again in the future, but just sometimes, some of them print without.  When this happens, I can go to Order Printer and re-print just those invoices, and they come out with photos.  BUT If I try to print ALL of the invoices with Order Printer, a different random bunch of invoices comes out without photos.


So I have concluded that it is not a problem with OrderlyPrinter or Order printer, but I don't know what it could be.

One other thing of note, if I create a new product with a photo, and it sells within minutes of creating that product, the invoice will more often show up with no image.    Not sure if that is relevant, because on the daily invoices that don't show up are often some of our oldest and best selling products.  

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