Is anyone else experiencing site load problems?

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Since 7/28 at approximately 5am Eastern, our website began randomly returning 500 errors and/or would be painfully slow to load a page.  This seems random and will go away as quickly as it arrives.  This happened for almost the entire day yesterday, but around 7pm Eastern, it went away and things stabilized.  Today (7/29) it has come back again and has not resolved yet.  Shopify support is dragging their feet, no one seems to consider this as urgent as we do, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.  The error is in the initial connection, not some resource or file we added.  This isn't us, it's Shopify, but we need someone to take this seriously.

Anyone else having these issues?  Maybe with more examples and affected customers they'll pay a little more attention.


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