Is it better performance to check product tags in liquid or javascript?

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We have a store that has some vue.js slapped in it and curious to know what is a better way to check against product tags in regards to store performance. 

Example 1:




var checkProduct = false
{% if product.tags contains 'whatever' %}
var checkProduct = true
{% endif %}




Example 2:

Since we store product data on the vue model i can check against them with




if(product_data.tags.includes('whatever') {
vm.checkProduct = true




Is there any benefit in doing either way of the above in regards to performance?

If i put liquid inside of a script tag does it just convert it to it's js equivalent anyway when it renders? And if it does then it would mean that there's no real difference?

Thank you


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The version with liquid tags will put more processing on the server so the response of the can be marginally slower. When there's a lot of requests this can make a difference. Without doing any testing for speed between the two I'd choose the JavaScript option.

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