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Is it necessary to upload separate photo for each combination of Variants?

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I sell custom steel table legs and bases. Examples of variants available on a design are below. 
-Height (21-30")

-Width (12-36")

-Mounting Plate (Flat / Pro Plate) - this selection changes the photos and price
-Finish (raw, clear coat, black, white, light gray, dark gray, moss green, copper patina) These selections change the price
-Leveling feet (Yes / No) this selection changes price

Question - Is there a way to avoid uploading a separate photo for each of the variant combinations? As I'm doing it now, I have to upload 200+ photos for each product. I only actually have two sets of 7-8 photos that I want to change when you choose between Flat Plate and Pro Plate but I'm having to upload photos for each of the combinations, like shown below (screenshot also. 

Flat Plate / Raw / Yes
Flat Plate / Raw / No
Pro Plate / Raw / Yes
Pro Plate / Raw / No .... etc, etc etc

My hope is that I can have the variants behave like separate little add-on products that just increase the price when needed. So, you select your design which has a starting price $150,
-Select your dimensions (these don't impact price)

-Select Mounting Plate (Flat = $0 / Pro Plate = +$60 and photos change for Pro Plate)

-Select Finish (Raw = $0 / Clear Coat = +$15 / Colors = +$25 / Patina = +60)

-Select Leveling Feet (No = $0 / Yes = +$15)

So, theres a collection of the same 7-8 photos displayed for every variant combination with Flat Plate selected and a collection of the same 7-8 photos displayed for every variant combination with Pro Plate selected. 

Possible? Ideas? I have around 150 products so it will take a ton of time that I don't have to upload all these photos.

 Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 9.45.21 AM.png

Thanks so much for any help. 




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