Is it possible to create a dual customer type ecommerce website?

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I think Shopify is the best choice of ecommerce platform for my project. However, I would welcome any advice on that.


The website will have two types of customers:

Customer 1
The first type of customer is a person that wants to receive products to test. We will need the functionality for them to subscribe to a paid account on our website to be able to receive these products. This subscription will have a monthly recurring charge, and multiple tiers to choose from when subscribing.

Customer 2
The second type of customer is somebody with a product and wants to send it to testers (customer 1 above). They will need to be able to choose which tester they send products to and then pay on the site to send a product to the desired tester - upon payment, the testers address will be shown.


We want both customers to be able to register with the website and login to see details about their respective account. Customer 1 will need to be able to see the orders they will receive, and the status of the order. Customer 2 will need to see the orders they have placed, and their status.


Am I right in thinking this is possible?  


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Hi, Kanemcclure2

Yes, Shopify is the most convenient and best platform for raising any topic of saya.
Recently I began to delve deeper into the topic of Web3, NFTs and creating blockchain-based websites.
Here is a more detailed article on this subject:
Maybe this will also be an alternative for you if you look towards creating a website for selling NFTs. Because to date, Shopify has not included the creation of websites for NFT sales. We discuss this topic here:

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