Is it possible to customize collection conditions to have both any and all fields selected?

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I wanted to know if it is possible to change how collections are automatically generated In terms of conditions to be met for products to appear.

currently you have the options “all” or “any”

I want to know if you could do both.

for example if I wanted a collection to have “all conditions” Vendor= Vendor A , and then be able to have products have “any” of  product tag= Tag 1, product tag= Tag2, product tag= Tag3

Basically, if I have any conditions then the products with any of the tags will show up, but I only want the products from a specific vendor to show up. Is this possible?

I know if I make “all” conditions I can choose vendor and tags, but I want to create a themed collection of products, but all of the tags that I want to use are not present on every single product so it is hard to create a customized collection.  So currently I am forced to create many separate smaller collections and then create a list-collections page which I can use as an umbrella page