Is it possible to show variants as individual products?

Is it possible to show variants as individual products?

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As title says, I am building a website for my clothing brand and I'd ideally like to link all my products so customers can see the available colors for each item on the item page but I'd also like them to show individually in my collections.


Also, if possible I'd like to hide the photos of the unselected colors when its not selected.


I have 3 photos per color, so ideally I dont want my customers to be confused or clogged with photos on an item that has 4 colors, then there would be 12 photos in total. Id like the products linked in the backend but on the front end them to appear completely individual.


Thanks in advance!

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@INVSN the mentioned App does the work at first sight. But the downside is, that all variants are displayed one after the other. When you offer multiple colors, this can have a negative impact because customers would rather see one product in different colors rather than seeing the whole collection of different products.


I would suggest changing the variants into single products and linking them via Metafields (Product reference as a list). This would also solve the issue with the images.


On a product page, you can add this kind of liquid to display the other colors :

{% for color in product.metafields.[namespace].[key].values %}
<a href="{{ color.url }}">color.title</a>
{% endfor %}

You'll still have to change the styling, but this way, you would offer the user to quickly view the product in a different color. 

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@Finer I'd like to implement this for my store. Are you taking on new clients? How can I contact you?

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The best would be to list all the variants as individual products and link them to each other using our section code.


please refer to the below video to implement the same. code can also be implemented on the collection listing page.



Hope this will help...

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