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Is there a maximum number of blogs ?

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i want to create a travel website with thousands of destinations.


for SEO reasons i want to setup a dedicated blog for each location, so that all posts within that blog are related to a specific location.


is this possible, or is there a maximum number of blogs allowed?


thank you 

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I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert at PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder.

Regards your concern.

Shopify limits the results to 50 so as to balance the server load. As per shopify docs.

Don't ever paginate a collection by more than 50, that's how many products maximum you should query per page

The default pagination count is 50 if you don't specify the limit.

You've to customize the Blog template directly to add the limit like following.

{% paginate blog.articles by [your-limit-count] %}

{% endpaginate %}

About the SEO reason. If you want to set SEO for different countries or different content. You should research about some 3rd SEO app on Shopify app store, that will be easier. 

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Richard | PageFly

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50 what? 50 blogs? or 50 pages and a page = one blogpost? please specify and be more specific in that specification. Thanks!

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@HURT  50 Articles Per Page(Pagination), No Limitations to create Articles.