Is there a way to delete products using the inventory import csv option?

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Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to delete items using the inventory import csv option, I am aware of how to update inventory levels and can update them to 0 , but I assume that would leave the inventory still showing in my control panel.
I've read the relevant articles linked here :
But wasn't sure if this was possible.
Also, just want to make sure I understand it correctly.
The handle on my page are SKU's and I can get a list of SKU's which have sold out from my supplier, so the only issue is getting rid of the product listings.
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I don't think it's possible using Shopify's native import/export system, but you can delete products with the Excelify app using a CSV.

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Hello @TamaHelp and @gina-gregory 

Renars here from Excelify.
Thank you for suggesting Excelify!

@TamaHelp If you are open to using apps, then you sure can easily bulk delete Products with Excelify.
The process is quite simple, you can export your Products using Excelify app and export only Basic Columns.
You can also click on the "Filters" button to export only specific items not all. As if you do not wish to update other items then you do not need to include those in the file.

In the exported file you would have the "Command" column. In this column set value to "DELETE" for any Products, you wish to delete. Then import the file back into Shopify with Excelify and Those Products will get deleted.

You can also use Shopify exported file and just add the "Command" column to the file. The app will be able to find existing Product and delete it by "Handle" as they are always unique in Shopify.

Here we also do have a great tutorial on how to bulk delete Products in Shopify.

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions or issues, feel free to reach out to us directly.


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It would be so easy if you could just set the Status to "delete", but I don't think you can do anything like that.


The workaround I'm using:

 - Set the vendor (or tag, whatever) to "remove" in your spreadsheet

 - In the Shopify Admin, import csv 

 - Select by vendor "remove"

 - Select all 50 and then select all products matching (the actual wording is "select all products in this store" which is extremely confusing)

 - Choose "Delete products"




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"the actual wording is "select all products in this store" which is extremely confusing"

Frightening, actually. Thanks for the suggestion. It works great. However, I always hold my breath that I'm actually deleting all my products. I wish they'd reword that to "select all filtered products" or something.


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Hi, @TamaHelp I see this is an old issue and hope you solved this problem a long time ago. 

I would still like to post an answer for people coming from searches. 

The Smart Bulk Delete Products app can delete/archive out-of-stock products. 

To be fully transparent, I am the founder of the app. You can also watch the demo video recorded by me.